I have some really exciting news! My wonderful husband (who people don’t see as he works behind the scenes) has agreed that we can go ahead and build…

A New Vet Section & Cattery!

This is an absolute dream come true and we are so thrilled for the bright future of The Kitten Cottage. We will be able to keep our kittens safe by having a dedicated isolation area, professional vet section and separate cattery for the mom cats. We also want to add on a play area for when visitors come to see the kittens.

As you know, it takes a village to achieve great things, so we will indeed be needing help from those who are able to lend their time and expertise.

Calling All Designers, Draftsmen, Architects & Handymen

If you are a designer, draftsman or architect OR you know someone with these skills who’ll be able to lend a hand, please contact me (Paulette) directly at thekittencottage@icloud.com. We are also in need of handymen to help put everything together so if you are willing and able please don’t hesitate to send me an email.


Got Old Furniture, Doors or Windows?

If you have extra windows, doors, tables, chairs or anything else we could use in the building process please also send me and email – every bit counts. We are still taking donations so if you’d like to make a contribution please visit our donation page by clicking here.

Our aim is to have the new section up and running by January 2017. This is an amazing time for us and a great opportunity. With your help, we want to build the best, most high-tech kitten rescue center in Cape Town.

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