Spring has Sprung, and so have our Kittens!

Springtime is beautiful: flowers blossom, the weather gets better, and there’s a sense of possibility in the air as the cold slowly starts being replaced by longer, warmer days.

Springtime also marks the start of ‘Kitten Season’!

Kitten Season tends to start in Spring, and peak towards the end of Spring, winding down in Summer and ending when it starts getting colder again. It’s the craziest time of year for the Kitten Cottage: right on schedule, there are just tons more kittens everywhere when Spring comes around. At times, it can furry whirlwind!

And would you know it, this year there are some GORGEOUS kittens who have landed on our doorstep (so to speak). More accurately, a precious mommy cat called Simba was rescued and brought to the Kitten Cottage where we took care of her so that she could safely deliver her litter.

The result of this Springtime miracle is a litter of 6 beautiful fur-balls, each cuter than the last!


If you would like to visit the kittens, you are more than welcome! We guarantee you will fall in love with at least 3 of them 😉 Please get in touch to make an appointment or have a look on our Facebook page for more information about our visiting hours.

***Please note that as we have our kittens’ best interests at heart, we strictly adhere to our policy of homing them only once they reach 12 weeks of age and after a home inspection has been completed.***