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4 Reasons to Vaccinate Your Cat

This isn’t a debate. You should always, always vaccinate your cat. However, if you aren’t sure or need a little convincing (even though it is definitely the right thing to do), please read on 🙂

1 Side effects are rare

It’s unlikely your beautiful kitten will experience any noticeable side effects, and if they do, the common […]

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Adopt a Kitten for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day. You either love it, or you hate it.
Regardless of how you feel about this day, why not make 2017 the year you turn it on its head and make it one of THE most unforgettable days EVER?!?

Instead of roses, chocolates and other perishable things that nobody really needs (okay, we didn’t mean that […]

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Billy Is Saved Or should We Say Billy-Jean….

Well hello, everyone… My name is Billy I am 8 days old, and I’ve had a very ruff day I went to see Dr. Heyns (My Doctor) … he got rid of my bad foot ” didn’t really need it ” I have 3 others
Aunt Paulette (Kitten cottage) took me home and bathed me and […]

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Start the New Year With a New Kitten!

It’s a new year, and what better way to start it than to get yourself a new pet?!

Kittens bring so much joy to our lives; if you’re looking for a way to start 2017 differently, why not adopt a kitten?! It’ll change your life in the most beautiful way!

We have some gorgeous kittens who have […]

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How YOU Can Save a Life this Christmas

Christmas is only a few weeks away, and our kittens can’t wait!
While we’re old enough to know that Santa Claus isn’t real, our kittens are still excitedly expectant for Christmas Day (we think – although they may just be excited, as kittens tend to be). Our wish at the Kitten Cottage is to make sure […]

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Make Our Kittens’ Christmas Wishes Come True!

Christmas is coming, and we’re hoping that – together with your help – we can make this a very special one at the Kitten Cottage!

As you may have seen on Facebook, we’ve been inundated with kittens over a very busy Kitten Season. While we’re excited about looking after these little beauties, we carry the responsibility […]

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Opening day 12 November 2016

The kitten cottage will be holding a open day on Saturday the 12 November
Please book you time with us .
We are open from
10:30 till 12:30
2:30 till 5 pm

Please what’s app or SMS times

Rondeberg Road , Philadephia, 7350 Malmesbury, Western Cape

Mobile: 082 296 0214

Email: admin@kittenscapetown.co.za



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Billy Needs Us! Here’s How You Can Help Him!

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Kitten Season: What Does This Really Mean?

In case you missed the exciting news, our brave mommy cat Simba gave birth to 6 new little kittens at the Kitten Cottage. We have no doubt that you lovely people out there will find your furry new bestie, and that each of our kittens will find their furrever homes!

Read More: Simba & Her 6 […]

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